Massage therapy for the Rider focuses on bringing the body back into balance. It's not uncommon to pick up muscular patterns and dysfunction from our horses that translate into imbalances in our own bodies. And vice versa.
Therapy sessions include a full health intake and postural analysis before we structure a customized massage program for you. Techniques used in your massage may be chosen to help with relaxation or rehabilitation of injured muscles. In addition, Karin can assist you with a customized stretching program and instruction.**
**Ask Karin about Makko-Ho stretches and The Five Tibetan exercises that are especially helpful for athletes.
Karin is the massage therapist for the Community Chiropractic Center in West Orange and Excellent Physical Therapy in Bedminster.
                          Techniques utilized include:
Neuromuscular Therapy           Myofascial Release
Swedish Massage Lymphatic Drainage
Craniosacral Therapy     Reflexology
AcupressureDeep Tissue Massage Sports Massage              Hot Stone Therapy
Assisted Stretching        Reiki